Quick Bite: Flying Cranes

Walking into Flying Cranes is like arriving for afternoon tea in your grandmother’s sunroom, right down to the wicker benches, flowery teacups and lemon cookies (three for $1). Only this grandma has a bit of an Asian obsession — mixed among country cottage prints are Japanese scrolls, and the menu features Asian foods spiced with curry alongside classic American tastes such as egg salad.

This order-at-the-counter joint features an extensive menu with everything from cold salads and sandwiches to steaming rice bowls (Donburi bowls, $9.50), coffee and fruit smoothies. It’s a great place to grab a sandwich and soup, especially the house specialties — Naomi’s ultimate grilled cheese ($7) with mozzarella, ham, pesto, lettuce, tomato and cucumber with a cup of miso soup ($2.50 when you buy coffee), which is perfectly salty and tangy and garnished with chives.

The Japanese curry ($8.50) with white rice and salad is sweeter than you’d expect from the usually spicy dish. And the spinach quiche ($7.50) is a great choice for spinach lovers, but it was heavy on the veggies and light on seasoning.

You’ll also want to grab a spot on the backyard patio that boasts the same mismatched charm as inside: furniture around a stone path, climbing vines and tall, blooming flowers.

13002 Larchmere Blvd., Cleveland, (216) 791-7952

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