Raw Talent

Forget the traditional pasta dough and starchy potato filling. Our favorite ethnic eats are getting a vegan makeover at Beet Jar Juice Bar and Takeaway thanks to its watermelon radish raw pierogies (six for $5). Co-owners Joseph Joseph and Molly Pamela, who opened the organic and vegan shop in the Hingetown district in March, make these pillows of goodness for vegans who still want a taste of their Eastern European heritage. "I grew up eating pierogies," says Pamela. "But with the lifestyle that we lead, we like to eat a lot more healthy things." Wrapped in a snappy slice of watermelon radish, the filling is bursting with fresh lemon, dates, garlic and green onions — all mixed into a creamy cashew paste that resembles the taste and texture of cream cheese. The vibrant color of the watermelon radish adds to the appeal of the dish. "This vegetable is beautiful and amazing and so hearty," says Pamela. "It's a great root vegetable that not many people know about." 1432 W. 29th St., Cleveland, beetjar.com

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