Slow Food

Life is fast, your meal shouldn't be. Tapas let you tap the brakes and enjoy.

Tapas-style dining has more to do with the way you experience a meal than it does the size of the plate on which it's served. Popular in South America and Europe, where lunches and dinners can span hours, it means slowing down, savoring the company of the people with whom you're dining and enjoying an array of foods rather than committing to a single entree. Fountain owner Iris Wheeler and La Boca Barrio owner Rosita Kutkut both have restaurants where tapas take the spotlight, so we asked them their advice for slowing down and kicking back.

Think smaller.

Be social.

Take your time.

La Boca Barrio, 5800 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, 216-961-5800
Fountain, 34105 Chagrin Blvd., Moreland Hills, 216-755-1225,

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