Sweet Memory

Forget the triple-layer fudge cake; we'll take a few fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies and a cool glass of milk any day. So will Melange owner Andrew Zelenkofske, who has been offering the famous pairing on his dessert menu since 2007. "It represents home, family and something comfortable," he says of Linda's Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milk ($7). The dessert pays homage to his wife Linda, who died of cancer five years ago. She used to make the cookies, which are packed with three kinds of nuts, coffee-flavored liqueur and Frangelico, for family and friends. "It's the idea of turning a bad experience into something positive," says Zelenkofske, who donates a portion of each sale to cancer research and family support. "Linda was a rose-colored glasses kind of person. She loved to see people around her happy." 2101 Richmond Road, Beachwood, 216-378-9755, dinemelange.com

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