Talent Town

There’s a wealth of culinary talent in this town. Feast! never runs short of achievements to celebrate, people to applaud and experts to feature. And we’re especially proud of the writers who tell those stories in the pages of this magazine.

Two of our regular contributors deserve a special mention. Marilou Suszko, who pens Taste of the Town, has just published her first cookbook, “Farms & Foods of Ohio: From Garden Gate to Dinner Plate.” It’s full of fascinating stories about the people who grow and make good things to eat, plus wonderful recipes featuring local products. That made her just the person to write our farmhouse supper cover story. Carla Snyder, our How To specialist, has co-authored “The Take-Out Menu Cookbook” with Meredith Deeds. The collection of recipes for favorite ethnic to-go dishes will be released next month, and it’s the duo’s third volume. We asked Snyder to give Feast! readers step-by-step instructions for making chicken stock from scratch. Master the technique and your cold-weather soups and holiday sauces will wow everyone who tastes them.

We’ve got yet another Cleveland author in this issue. Kristin Ohlson, whose most recent effort is “Kabul Beauty School,” shares some food memories from her latest trip to Afghanistan in our back-page essay.

Thanks to people such as these, along with everyone else who is part of the Feast! creative team, the magazine has just earned an award in The Society of Professional Journalists Ohio competition, tying for  first place in the “Best Special Publication” category.

I hope all the talent we gather between these covers inspires you to tap into your inner cook, helps you develop your skills at the stove and leads you to the best foods that Ohioans are making for your table.
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