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Scanning the crowd at Denver’s Invesco Field, photographer Nannette Bedway looked for a way to capture the shared hope of those who had come to watch Barack Obama accept the Democratic nomination. But it was someone standing nearby who allowed her to distill that feeling into a single image.

“You see President Obama on a video monitor, and you have the light reflecting on the face of a young man,” Bedway says, describing the photograph. “It really gives you a feeling of how [Obama] was affecting him on an individual level.”

It was moments like this that inspired Bedway, Gov. Ted Strickland’s political photographer, as she documented the historic 2008 election. Her new photo essay book, As Ohio Goes ... Stories and Photos from the Front Lines, chronicles Ohio and national Democrats’ political journey from the primaries to the steps of the Capitol on inauguration day.

“So many people from our state were involved in this election,” Bedway says. “It was very exciting to be part of that process and asked to document it.”

Having served as a photographer for both Ohio and national Democrats since 1996, this is Bedway’s second politics-themed collection of photographs.

“In a way,” she says. “I feel like it’s my responsibility to be the eyes for the people.”

Bedway will sign copies of her book at the Peninsula Art Academy Dec. 3. For more information, visit
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