Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.

529 Grant St., Suite B, Akron
(330) 252-BREW

Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. has no brewpub, just a brewery, so youcan’t grab a bite with your pint. But you can pick up a six-pack at grocery stores, and devoted fans of the brewery sometimes call ahead and stop by for an informal tour or tasting. Its Raspberry Ale is as light as a flavored soda, while the Siberian Night Russian Imperial Stout lingers well after your last sip (and at 9.7 percent alcohol, it might not take that many to call it a night). But it’s hard to go wrong with Old Leghumper, a two-time World Beer Cup medal-winner and robust porter with a smooth, chocolaty finish whose name belies the recipe’s sophistication.

Take it home: Thirsty  Dog is available in stores and on tap in the brewery, in 1/2-gallon jugs, six-packs, cases, and 1/2- and 1/6-barrels.
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