Three Questions With the Brewer

A veteran commercial pilot, Mike Nedrow needed a more down-to-earth career. A home brewer for 15 years, Nedrow decided to take the plunge in March and open Chardon BrewWorks & Eatery, the first brewery Geauga County has seen since Prohibition. // Elijah Turan

Q|   Which of your home brewing recipes will be on the beer list?

I have more than 20 recipes with different variations for each. Every one or two months we’ll change the seasonal tap. Over the spring we had Mac’s Irish Red and Pride of Geauga Maple Porter. For June we have hefeweizen, which means “east wheat” in German, and we will go to a pumpkin ale in November. Alongside our rotating seasonal tap, we also have our house brew, Working Man.

Q|   Why is Working Man your signature beer?

I entered it into the National Home Brew Competition last year, and it won silver in the English pale ale category.

   Can you tell us a little about your brewing process?

I started out on my stovetop. That’s how most home brewers start, but I switched to the Brew-Magic System about two years ago when I decided to get serious. It’s a simple system that makes 50-liter batches at a time. ... All of our in-house beers are brewed at the facility one keg at a time.

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