You Could Say

You could say this Table Two is about wonder women. Comic book heroines, step aside. These ladies are the real thing.

That's how we felt about the remarkable women we met while writing this issue. They didn't set out to be wonderful, it happened because they were smitten by something ' real cheese, singular wine, a heritage beer, beautiful art. They bring wonder to whatever they create and, in the process, get lots of awards.

Kim Stare Wallace shares the helm at Dry Creek Vineyard and is a passionate advocate for single-vineyard, local appellation wines. Such wines were the history of Sonoma's Dry Creek Valley and now, also its future. It's a far cry from what a high school aptitude test suggested she pursue.

If ever a cheese wiz there was, Cypress Grove Chevre founder Mary Keehn is one. World-famous for her Humboldt Fog Chevre, Mary just wanted to make sure her children had healthy milk, so she bought two goats. Now she inspires everyone who meets her.

Locally, our wonder wine woman is none other than Liz Symon. Wow, can she choose a good pairing or what! The author of award-winning wine lists at Lola and Lolita, Liz shares how it all started. Check out her great wine tip, too.

Next, don't miss our menu for a romantic Valentine's dinner, beginning with a red winter salad. Allison Steltzner suggested a hold-all-calls short rib recipe that pairs with her Steltzner Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa, and you'll swoon over our chocolate truffles laced with sea salt.

Tim Mills tracks down the country's first post-Prohibition female brewmaster and, for the love of grapes, don't miss Vin Hunter's seductive wine selections.

Our dazzling cover artwork, 'Shrine to the Seasonal Salad,' is the creation of local artist Angelica Pozo. Nationally recognized for her striking tile and mosaic work, Angelica is based right here in Tremont.

Sit down with these wonder women at Table Two. They've made special things happen!

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