Silver Spoon Awards 2005

Ditch the sackcloth and ashes and pick up a knife and fork. Instead of bemoaning the recent closngs, let's celebrate all the new openings on Northeast Ohio's culinary landscape. See who you, our readers, chose as the best from among newcomers and old warh

While some in town beat their breasts, bemoaning the spate of closings on the dining scene over the past couple years (and we'll never cheer the departure of any eatery), the same level of energy ought to be more profitably devoted to celebrating all of the exciting openings we've witnessed recently. The old chestnut about one door closing meaning that another door opens is only too true here.

Consider only a few of the restaurants that weren't even on the scene a year ago: Blue Canyon, Brasa Grill, Delmonico's, Downtown 140, Giovanna's on Clifton, Kristofer's, Mom's Diner, Parallax, Ponte Vecchio, Red, the reborn Saucy Bistro. It's not as if we're running low on dining options.

So ditch the sackcloth and ashes and pick up a knife and fork. Northeast Ohio's culinary landscape has never been better. Get out there and explore it.

But first, let's see which places you and your fellow diners tapped as your favorites. Ballots were bound into subscribers' December 2004 issues and were also available on our Web site. Votes were tallied in house, as well as by the accounting firm of Meaden and Moore. Whether you agree or disagree with the results, there's food for thought in the selections made here by you, our readers.

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