Silver Spoons: Some carbs are worth a tiny roll.

Best Place to Buy Bread
No one ever gets too excited about bread. Even when it’s not relegated to the opening act of your dinner, it’s still saddled with its bland, baseof- the-food-pyramid persona. But get a skilled baker involved, and dull turns to delicious. So we sampled creations with common ingredients from our Silver Spoon “Best Place to Buy Bread” winners.

Oven Cinnamon Crunch Bagel -
Think Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal bred with a bagel — a coffee cake taste without the crumbly mess. It doesn’t skimp on the sweet. Note the glazed bottom and cinnamonsugar globules baked throughout.
French Toast Bagel - Hold the syrup. Sure, it’s not exactly the same as your favorite plate of French toast, but warm it up, slap on some butter and it’s pretty close.
Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Bagel - Like just-baked cookies, this is a big, gooey mess of goodness when toasted. It isn’t the cornerstone of a healthy breakfast, but are you really worried about that?
Dutch Apple and Raisin Bagel - Basically, it’s a souped-up cinnamon and raisin bagel that could use a stronger apple flavor. But it scores points for the blobs of baked-on crumbles.

Stone Oven:
Cinnamon Loaf - Great things come in small packages, right? This cinnamon- loaded creation is no exception. The dark brown loaf stares out from its paper tray waiting for you to cut a slice. Once you do, you’ll pick up the knife again and again.
Maple Pecan Braid Mrs. Butterworth would be proud. The maple flavor complements the crunchy pecans in this light, fluffy pastry that conceals even more nuts under its braids. 
Chocolate Chip Walnut Scone The crisp shell topped with coarsegrained sugar reveals a moist cake studded with chocolate chips. We’ve never had a scone as cakelike as this, and that’s not a bad thing.
Apple Crumb Danish - This Danish delivers the apple flavor — if you can find it. It takes a few bites of the flaky layers before you hit the filling, but once you do, you’re in apple heaven.
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