Beefed Up

Flip Side // Chef Shawn Monday's decision to leave Downtown 140 to start One Red Door also came with a delicious side dish: an adjoining casual spot that understands the allure of a seriously tasty burger. Flip Side is low-concept at its best. All it asks you to do is grab a friend, grab a seat and choose from among 10 burgers made with Ohio-raised, grass-fed beef (if that isn't your thing, there are lamb and turkey options, too). Traditionalists will like the Flip Side Burger ($8.50): a bacon cheeseburger dressed up with aged cheddar cheese, balsamic vinegar red onions and barbecue sauce. The adventurous should go for the Green Eggs & Ham Burger ($9). Though it piles on a strange mix of prosciutto, fried egg, warm spinach, crispy Parmesan and a side of basil mayo, the combination delivers wonderfully subtle results. You may have already heard about Flip Side's triple-cooked french fries ($3.50) and how Monday puts them through a three-day regimen before they arrive on your plate. And while they're good, they won't crack any hard-core fry aficionado's Top 5 list. Go for the mini Kobe beef corn dogs instead ($6.50), and get the tastiest version of the fair-food classic you've ever had.
Flip Side, 49 Village Way, Hudson, 330-655-3547,
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