Casual Class

Battery Park Wine Bar // Throw out the stereotypes you associate with wine bars: romantic, cozy, quiet. Battery Park Wine Bar is all about concrete floors, exposed rafters, big windows that let in lots of light, and even a pool table in the corner. Owner Mike Graley wanted to create a wine bar for the beer drinker, and that's exactly what he's brought to the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. The place has a hip vibe and a smart wine list of familiar favorites such as Caymus Conundrum ($10/glass) and fun surprises like the spicy Asunto syrah/carmenere blend ($6.50/glass). There's always a microbrew available for beer drinkers, too. The short list of munchies to share includes cheese and meat boards, but go for the arugula pesto and camembert flatbread ($11). It's baked with grapes that pop like juicy cherry tomatoes in each bite. Other appetizers are reminiscent of dressed up Super Bowl party fare. Buffalo chicken sliders ($7) topped with blue cheese taste a lot like the party dip. Try them with the sweet potato fries and sesame pepper aioli ($6). And don't overlook the cheesy, nutty and lemon-scented artichoke dip ($7), which tastes as refreshing as it smells, making it a great summer version of a traditionally heavy dish.

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