Club Eats

Rock West Music and Grub Pub // A black B.C. Rich guitar that looks as if it were beamed from the heart of the '80s hair-metal scene hangs around the neck of a mounted buck, staring out over the dining room. That's the kind of quirk on tap at this spot that remakes the former Savannah Bar & Grille into a family-friendly live music club serving sandwiches, wraps, burgers, hot dogs, pizzas and a handful of entrees such as pork chops and even pad thai. We stuck with the casual options. The Knock-u-off-your-feet Cajun Dawg ($10), an all-beef hot dog wrapped in bacon and covered with baked beans, onion straws, cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce and Cajun seasoning, is a wonderfully messy affair that (like all sandwiches and burgers here) comes with hand-cut fries or house-made chips. The Smooth-eatin Slovannah ($12), an Italian chicken sausage topped with grilled onions, Swiss cheese, pierogies and braised red cabbage on a pretzel bun, is a tasty choice, but may be a touch heavy for a summer day. We also enjoyed the Ace in the Whole Pretzel Encrusted Chicken ($11) with its Dijon mustard-and-Dortmunder marinade and light cucumber aioli. If you're looking for a place to hear a band, grab a beer and enjoy a bite that goes beyond standard bar food, this is it.

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