Home Cooking

Grandma Helen's Kitchen // You won't find anyone's grandmother cooking in the back, but there's plenty of familial inspiration simmering at Grandma Helen's Kitchen. Chef and owner David Kantor, who relocated his Eastern European restaurant to a more spacious spot in Parma earlier this year, churns out generous portions of comfort food all made from scratch based off his grandmother's recipes. You'll find favorites such as chicken paprikash ($8.50 small, $10.50 large) mixed with doughy dumplings, or six lightly pan-fried potato and cheese pierogies ($9.50). The stuffed cabbage ($8.50 small, $10.50 large) is exceptionally tender thanks to an eight-hour cooking process. All entrees are served with two sides, and guests can choose from mashed potatoes, noodles and cabbage, kraut and kielbasa, green beans, pickled beets or cucumber salad. We suggest adding a bowl of Kantor's beef barley soup ($2 cup, $4 bowl), too. Made with eye of round instead of a less expensive cut of beef, the soup has become so popular that Kantor now makes it every day. After cleaning your plate — a task that's easy to do here — don't forget to reward yourself with a slice of German chocolate cake ($2). We're sure your grandma would approve.

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