Raw Star

Sushi 86 // Lunch-hour sushi is rare for a reason. Short of picking up the premade variety at the grocery store, there aren't a lot of options. But Sushi 86 at the Colonial Marketplace will make you a believer. This Prospect Avenue spot near East Fourth Street offers a minimialist interior and a handful of tables. Although orders take a little while, that's for the best as each is made fresh and artfully presented. When we visited, our server offered a complimentary order of miso soup to enjoy while we waited for our lunch — a pleasant and tasty surprise. The variety of choices here is impressive with a wide range of raw options and even a separate vegetarian menu. If you don't have time to leave the office, Sushi 86 offers free downtown delivery for orders of $20 or more. We enjoyed the kick of the Dynamite ($9.75), eight pieces of spicy tuna and salmon with avocado wrapped in rice and seaweed. If you prefer to enjoy your fish riding atop a block of rice, check out the Mixed Nigiri ($12), one piece each of tuna, salmon, white tuna, seared albacore, shrimp and octopus. It's a choice you would probably think twice about in the grocery aisle, but at Sushi 86 it's a great way to enjoy the quality fish served here.

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