Review: Muse

Inspired Dining
I step off the elevator on a Friday night, cross the lobby and survey the scene. Candles in art glass holders glow on every table and flames blaze in the fireplace. Polished woodwork gleams, the linens are immaculate, and stunning flower arrangements along with artwork by local painters add splashes of color to the room. Soft jazz music provides a soundtrack for quiet conversations. Cushioned chairs beckon, and I just know that close at hand there’s a bottle of Russian River Pinot Noir waiting to be uncorked. This is Muse.

It is an oasis of calm and comfort on the Ritz-Carlton’s sixth floor. The corporate credo is red carpet treatment and “It would be my pleasure” is the staff’s standard response to all requests. Beautifully presented plates of creative, contemporary and well-executed food enhance the VIP experience. For the price of a meal, every diner gets to feel like somebody special.

This intimate restaurant opened in September 2006, replacing Century. It has taken time — and a few missteps — for the kitchen to find its footing. Credit for the current state of equilibrium goes to chef de cuisine Timothy Maxin, who arrived this spring, and his culinary partners chef de partie Constantine Vourliotis and pastry chef Roger Smith.

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