Talking Turkey

It looks like a standard cafeteria-style food counter, but the smells wafting toward the entrance of TGD betray it. This is no quick burrito joint; it's a little slice of grandma's kitchen, open every day of the year. The lunch and dinner spot lives up to its name (TGD stands for "Thanksgiving Dinner") and has all the accoutrements expected from a traditional November feast. The line features a bounty of sides to complement shredded turkey, sliced ham or slow-cooked roast beef (meat plus two sides, $7.99). Cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie and even classic butter noodles vie for a spot on diners' plates. Huge signs festoon the walls, providing tidbits about each menu item. (Fun fact: TGD's noodles are unusually high in protein; each serving is packed with nearly 20 grams.) But there's nothing trivial about the tastes here, and TGD delivers on its versions of our feasting-day favorites. The turkey is lean yet flavorful, and the roast beef is hearty, though adding gravy may be a bit overkill for those watching salt intake. For the biggest eaters, TGD offers massive, deep-fried turkey legs ($4.65) — perfect for one-upping friends at the next potluck.
TGD, 3897 Everhard Road, Canton, 330-318-1277,
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