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Kelly's Cafe // Sorry bread, but we're big fans of the dainty and delicate crepes Kelly Horter has been frying up since 2010 inside her Pearl Road shopping-center spot. She uses the trés French treat as a vehicle for wrapping a selection of savory and sweet fillings into hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings. Using a spatula to spread the thin batter (choose from original or wheat) on one of three griddles, she lets customers pick from more than 15 varieties, plus daily specials such as the recent "Yes Sir Officer" crepe. Packed with raspberry filling and what Horter calls "the stuff" (she touts it as house-made whipped cream cheese but it's deliciously sweeter), the crepe is topped with a powdered-sugar-doughnut crumble. It's a great example of her knack for playing with fun combinations. To amp it up even more, add a scoop of Mitchell's ice cream for only $2.75. If you're looking to even out your blood sugar, dive into the unfussy Big Show ($6) — a hefty sampling of potato, onion, egg, sausage, ham and cheddar. You can even add in a helping of spinach or lettuce. The latter is grown at Medina Creative Produce, a nonprofit that provides employment opportunities to people with disabilities. Dip each bite of the Big Show into the side of spicy mayo and you'll never want another sandwich again.

Kelly's Cafe, 1661 Pearl Road, Brunswick, 330-225-9999

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