Happy Hearts

The American Heart Association celebrates thosewho represent heart-healthy living in our community.

Community Leaders

Patricia A. Ruflin
President and CEO
Parma Community General Hospital

“I was born with a congenital heart anomaly called Epstein’s Anomaly,” says Ruflin, who underwent open-heart surgery and controls her condition through medication and exercise. “I don’t refer to myself as a survivor, but as a thriver,” she says. “If you have a heart issue, there’s no place better in the country to be than here.”

Shirley Stineman
Director of Community Affairs
The Plain Dealer

“I have family members who have heart disease and my son was born with a heart abnormality,” Stineman says. Fortunately, her son’s condition went away on its own. “They were able to determine it was an idiosyncrasy,” she says.
“The American Heart Association is important to The Plain Dealer,” she says. “They have a commitment to research, and the majority of the money raised stays right here in Cleveland.”

Lisa Oliver
Key Bank Greater Cleveland District

“I want women to hear that they need to know their vital statistics relating to their health,” Oliver says. “It’s vital to go to a doctor who can give you an overview of your heart health.
“You can carve out time to exercise and eat well,” she says. “It takes time to think about what you eat, but it has to be prioritized, it has to be scheduled.”

Barbara  A.  Reynolds
Realty One Real Living

“I’m concerned about women’s health because women’s heart issues have not always been paid attention to in the same way as men,” Reynolds says.
Her 3-year-old grandson has heart issues. “Thank goodness for Northeast Ohio and the tremendous opportunities we have for heart treatment here,” she says.
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