Kathryn Brady

Cuyahoga Community College, Division of Nursing
Kathryn Brady isn’t one to take shortcuts.

Upon her May graduation, Brady will be a registered nurse and will earn her BSN in just one more year. A mother of two, the GCNA Graduating Senior Award-winning student is opting for the difficult courses that will transfer to other schools, where she eventually hopes to earn another degree — her master’s — in science and nursing.

“I’m a big supporter of community college education; my mom went to one,” says Brady. “But it won’t be the last stop for me.”

She’s following in her mother’s footsteps in more ways than one — Brady knew early on that she wanted to enter a medical field because her mother was a nurse.

Her ultimate goal is to help the seriously injured as an ER or flight nurse. “I want to be that calm presence, someone who can think clearly in a crisis and be supportive to my patient,” she says. “I ran into a woman who was a flight nurse, and she was like a goddess.”

Brady has embraced the hospital environment, due in part to her admittedly strong stomach. “A few things gross me out, but blood isn’t one of them,” she laughs. “I feel like I’m an asset to my


Besides studying, taking care of her two children and working as a nurse associate at the Cleveland Clinic, Brady is also active in the Student Nurses Association, where she has helped set up an organ donor drive and a fundraiser for Providence House, a local crisis nursery for at-risk children.

With so much to do, she cherishes the four to five hours of sleep she gets and recognizes the positive transformation she’s undergone during nursing school. “You can’t go through this program and not be changed as a human,” says Brady. “Changed for the better, but different than you were.”
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