The Fast Track to Success

With a communications degree from Kent State University, Bonnie Greener always thought she would have a career in radio or television. Instead, she ended up in retail management. After a string of jobs in a shrinking music retail industry, she finally decided to pursue a more stable career.

“I have a number of family members in the medical profession,” she says. “A couple of them had been hinting to me that I should take a look [into nursing].”

Greener tested the waters with a few prerequisite classes. “After awhile, this really started to feel right,” she says. And it wasn’t so unfamiliar: At the music stores she managed, she always enjoyed interacting with customers. “I knew nursing would allow me to do that, and it would be more meaningful.”

She took the plunge and applied to Kent State University’s 20-month accelerated program. While she knew she’d feel at home at her alma mater, she was apprehensive. “The older you get the more fear there is of change,” she says. “It was an intense program. ... I would be in school from 9:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday.”

But Greener thrived. “Things I thought would be difficult — dealing with blood, body fluids or extreme critical situations — weren’t at all,” she explains. “It helps to focus on the patient. How would I want someone I care about to be treated?”

Graduating in December 2007, she received her license in February 2008 and began practicing at University Hospitals Case Medical Center. “I loved the feeling of ‘I can do this!’ ” she recalls of her first successful procedure.

With each new task she masters, Greener is more confident she made the right move. “I took a leap of faith that this would be a good fit for me,” she says. “I’m very grateful I did — I truly love what I do.”
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