35th Anniversary: Rating the Suburbs

1993 Winners:
Crime: Walton Hills
Safety Services: Valley View
Education: Beachwood
Environment: (Tie) Beachwood, Fairview Park, Gates Mills, Lyndhurst, Mayfield Heights, North Olmsted, North Royalton, University Heights Housing Appreciation: Gates Mills
Property Taxes: Newburgh Heights
Home & Car Insurance: (Tie) Brecksville, Broadview Heights, North Olmsted, North Royalton, Strongsville, Westlake
Hospital Accessibility: Cleveland Heights
Commute to Cleveland: Newburgh Heights
› We’ve met several mayors and police chiefs over the last few weeks. Some meetings were more pleasant than others.
— “The Suburbs React To Cleveland Magazine,” by Joe Mackall, Aug. 1993

1994 Winner: Orange
› We’ve responded to your most vocal request. This year, we tally the totals and tell you the winners.
— “Rating the Suburbs,” June 1994

1995 Winner: Bay Village
(Orange: No. 8)

1996 Winner: Bay Village

1997 Winner :Rocky River
(Bay Village: No. 9)

1998 Winner: Rocky River

1999 Winner: Rocky River

2000 Winner: Highland Heights
(Rocky River: No. 7)

2001 Winner: Westlake
(Highland Heights: No. 8)

2002 Winner: Hudson
(Westlake: No. 11)
2003 Winner: Pepper Pike
(Hudson: No. 6)
› The poshest shopping you’ll find here is at Heinen’s. And while nearly all the homes are well-maintained and have appreciated nicely, there isn’t the abundance of sparkling new mansions seen in Westlake. .... What you will find is an oasis.
— From “Rating the Suburbs: Pepper Pike,” June 2003

2004 Winner: Mayfield Village
(Pepper Pike: No. 5)

2005 Winner: Beachwood
(Mayfield Village: No. 2)
2006 Winner: Pepper Pike
(Beachwood: No. 7)
2007 Winner: Solon
(Pepper Pike: No. 6)
›5.9% of people have been in a situation where they’ve seen their neighbor naked.
›19.1% of people have turned off their porch light to avoid handing out candy on Halloween.
›5.8% of people think it’s OK to put out Christmas decorations any time of year.
— “Rating the Suburbs,” June 2007 Rating The Suburbs
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