35th Anniversary: The Drama: Lynda Hirsch

Our favorite soap opera syndicated newspaper columnist has had a life filled with enough drama to rival “Guiding Light” — the first soap she ever saw, which she watched with her mother at age 7. Diagnosed with long-face syndrome as an early adolescent, Hirsch underwent 15 plastic surgeries. Cleveland Magazine covered her successful craniofacial surgery in March 1984. “I thought it might help a lot of people who needed that kind of surgery,” she says today. “If you’re in the public eye you have to be honest and open to helping people.”

We later showed off her humorous side in a 1995 profile that featured her sitting in a bubble-filled bathtub, holding a remote control. “It was supposed to be the cover, but it got messed up,” she says. “But that’s OK.” To prove there aren’t any hard feelings, she gave us a scoop: She’s finally getting married. “It never felt right until now,” she says of her July nuptials. “Talk about a soap opera — getting married at this age is amazing!"
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