35th Anniversary: The Great Cleveland Magazine Mustache Contest

Celebrating the close of the Great Cleveland Magazine Mustache Contest are, from left to right, Jim Marino and B. Paul Fratello, contest judges, and prize winners Russ Trusso, John Shoup, Richard Bilotti, Joe Quattrochi, Cleveland Magazine managing editor Michael D. Roberts, Noel Wines and Floyd Fike.
The judges selected the best mustache in the city. It belongs to Irving Nathanson, a bass player in the Cleveland Orchestra. A Schick electric shaver goes to second-place winner John Shoup. Would he ever shave his mustache off? ‘Hell, no!” he says.
Excerpted from “And the Winners ...” November, 1973

Nathanson died in 2002, so we caught up with Shoup, who, true to his word, still sports his facial hair today. The award-winning look is even immortalized on the home page of his business’s Web site, www.jshoup.com (he’s a management consultant based out of Moreland Hills). So, any second thoughts about the stache?

“No. It’s me,” he says. “People wouldn’t recognize me without it. And my wife would kill me.”
Character, as determined by the judges.
Suitability for the face adorned.
Only Mustaches will be judged. Other facial hair will not disqualify a contestant but will be ignored in the judging, if at all possible.
Neatness does not count.
“God has given you one face and you make yourself another.”—hamlet, act iii, scene 2
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