Air Time: The voices and faces we've loved

"Six months of the year Cleveland is a very difficult town to forecast because of Lake Erie.  If you want to be a great forecaster, go to Yuma, Arizona."<br /><br />— November 1974 "I knew it was a great radio town.  Cleveland really had a glamour to it.  Remember I was still a kid from Ogallala."<br /><br />— November 1987 "My challenge is to stay employed here as long as I can until the age old eye-mouth coordination goes out the window."<br /><br />— February 1993 "There aren't enough psychiatrists around, so I'd like to think The Morning Exchange helps to fill that void."<br /><br /> — former executive producer Susan Smetana Landess<br /><br />— June 1977 "I'm really just a girl from Garfield Heights.  I'm nothing more than that."<br /><br />— August 1996 "I drive 67, 68 tops, and here come the state troopers.  Most of the time they just want to say 'hi'"<br /><br />— October 1991 "It would break my heart to leave. ... I could see us here forever."<br /><br />— September 1990
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