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There is an irony in playing foosball at a Super Bowl party. But, really, what other choices do you have? Sure, legions of football fans chain themselves to their video game consoles every fall to take on the new edition of Madden, but what if you yearn for something a little more active, a little more analog? Rob Miller, CEO of Canton-based PeeBee Enterprises, has obviously thought about this a lot. In early August, just in time for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's enshrinement weekend, Miller premiered his new game, Full Contact Paper Football. In short, it's a tabletop game inspired by that folded paper triangle you used to flick through your friend's goal post-shaped hands at the lunch table. Players pop out of the field when activated by levers, and the game's flat football is made with NFL-grade leather. You can tackle, fumble and intercept just like the real game, and if your flicking skills are a little lacking, a dice component of the game offers a chance to help even the score. "When you're done playing, you really feel like you've either played in a game, coached a game or actually watched a game," Miller says. Take that, Madden.

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