Divorce Row

So you have a bad marriage or two or three behind you. Does that mean you deserve any less of a pickup joint than all the 20 and 30 somethings out there?

When we first heard about the stretch of restaurants in Westlake dubbed "Divorce Row," we admit we were curious. A place for those who have officially failed at love? A novel idea, but could it be true?

To find out, we ventured forth on a Friday night -- this writer, along with an attractive 32-year-old female friend, to chum the waters. What we quickly learned is that, not only is this stretch of Detroit Road known as "Divorce Row," it's also earned the nickname "Viagra Triangle" and has been described as "spring break for divorcees."

Bar by bar, here's what we found. (Keep in mind that we're describing just the bar at the following three establishments. All three also feature upscale dining with some of the best food on the West Side.)


Place Viva Barcelona M. Bistro and Bar Saucy Bistro
Info 24600 Detroit Road Westlake (440) 892-8700 23800 Detroit Road, Westlake (440) 250-5550 23800 Detroit Road, Westlake (440) 250-5550
Best time to go Friday, 4-7 p.m. Thursday and Friday, 7-9 p.m. Friday, 4-7 p.m.
Ratio More men Men heavily outnumber women (13 to 3 the day we were there) About even
Drink of choice Women drink cosmos, men drink beer Vodka on the rocks Cosmos for women, dirty martinis for men
What we saw The bar only seats 12, so action is limited. But during summer the large outdoor patio draws divorcees like flies, including lots of women wearing all black and decked out in major gems acquired from their first husbands. Well-dressed men in their 50s, 60s and 70s. Judging from the suits, most have come straight from work. Contrary to our expectations, there were lots of couples in their 30s and 40s. The bartender told us, This is the place you bring your date when you want to land the deal.
Interesting discovery A middle-aged couple canoodling at the bar. They met at this very same bar just a few months ago. Look up. The ceiling mural features mythic figures in, well, compromising situations. They just finished converting the basement into a new club called The Cellar, complete with a fireplace and cozy leather chairs
Did we get hit on? No - but not because we were too young. The bartender told us she often sees 60-year-old men hit on 20-something girls. Their response? Thanks for the drink. OK, bye. Yes. Don't take it personally that no one's come over to talk to you, our 64-year-old suitor said. You're a little young for this crowd. No
Our verdict Summer is the time to find second love. A fashionable, primped and manicured single woman would have great odds here. Doesn't seem to offer especially good odds to divorcees, but The Cellar could change all that.

More than half of divorced people have never had a one-night stand, but of the 39% that have ...
1 or 2 40%
3 or 4 18%
5 to 10 0%
More than 10 42%

Maybe there is a "marrying kind" of person: Only 16% of our married citizens say they've ever cheated on a partner. Meanwhile, 41% of those without rings on their fingers (but still in a committed relationship) remembered such a transgression in their past.

Split Personalities  
Has love gone wrong in your life? Well, be honest -- since 31% of divorced people rank honesty as the most important trait in a potential mate.
Say they date less than once a month 61%
Say they met their current or most recent partner through family or friends 44%
Say they have never been in love 2%
Say the best way to meet someone is through church 18%
Say they got over their first heartbreak in one month or less 24%
Say a sense of humor is the most important trait in a potential partner 26%
Say it is very difficult to meet someone in Cleveland 43%
Say they would date someone from the other side of town 94%
Say they would date someone from another race 70%
Say they have met someone to date through a bar or nightclub 45%
Say the best way to meet someone is through a bar or nightclub 2%
Say they have never cheated on a partner 78%

Callous, unfeeling men: 27% say it took them less than a month to get over their first heartbreak.
Only 15% of the women were able to recover that fast.

2% of people in committed relationships say they've never been in love; 1% of married people
say they've never been in love.

10% of men, women and Clevelanders in general who say they're still not over their first love.
Money helps:

32% of the crowd in the $100K+ income range claim it took them less than a month to get over their first love.

5% of those looking for love on their second go-around rate "loyalty" as the trait that's most important to them.

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