How To: Pick Out Lingerie

Your wife will thank you.
During Katie Busch’s first month at Victoria’s Secret, a male customer came in to browse. He refused her help and walked around aimlessly before admitting to shopping for himself — he was looking for a thong! Though this was an odd encounter, Busch estimates about 25 percent of shoppers at her Strongsville location are men (usually shopping for women). “Most of them are clueless, or they have a list from their wife of exactly what they are getting,” she says. If you don’t want to be the guy who needs a list, heed Busch’s advice. “We try to ... find out more about the person they’re shopping for instead of what he thinks, because it’s for her.” With a little know-how, she says, you can give a gift you’ll both love. 
Know her size!
Ask a friend or sneak around, Busch suggests. “A lot of guys compare their girlfriend or spouse to the associate. I hear a lot of ‘she’s kind of like your size.’ ” This will probably not get you far — so find out before you go shopping.

Stay away from stringy thongs.
“They’ll buy things they want to see her in, not necessarily what her preference is,” she says. “They think women like skimpy lingerie, but it’s a common return.”

Aim for versatility.
If a woman doesn’t like a certain body part, avoid anything that could make her self-conscious. “Any woman can feel comfortable in a babydoll set,” Busch says. “It’s a little more free flowing and lighter material.”
Dressed to Impress
This isn’t Brazil, people! (But it’s also not Alaska):
41.8% claim they’d rather bed down in the buff. Flannel warmed up to
36.5% of people, leaving silk with a slick
21.8% of the vote. Who knew?
38.3% of women prefer sleeping naked.
56.4% of men prefer sleeping naked.
48.9% of singles prefer sleeping naked.
47.8% of people in a relationship prefer sleeping naked, while
32.8% picked flannel.
43% of married people prefer sleeping in flannel.
Naked came in second at 36.4%
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