Play Ball!

No Coco? No problem. Fans will fill The Jake April 7 as the Tribe takes another stab at the postseason berth that rolled through the Indians’ legs last September like an easy grounder to Bill Buckner. And since this year’s first pitch arrives at 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, you can bet the usual holiday atmosphere will be more of a cubicle-clearing street party. We asked some Opening Day regulars how they approach the big game.

  Jan Estes
Executive Coordinator, The Greater Cleveland Partnership
Kenny Crumpton
"Fox 8 in the Morning" features reporter
Jaquelyn Nance
President, Philanthropic Solutions
Dennis Roche
President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland

“We wear Indians garb to work and everyone gets hyped up.”

Hosting the morning show then meeting up with friends

Lunch and then the game with girls from Hathaway Brown

“We go to Harry Buffalo or Alice Cooper’stown.”
Staple Food or Beverage

“A hot dog. It’s mandatory.”

“A hot dog with stadium mustard, a sudsy adult beverage and french fries with ketchup.”

“It’s not a game unless I have a hot dog with mustard and ketchup.”

“A beer and a hot dog with mustard and onions.”


Season tickets in Section 259

“We normally end up at the Batter’s Eye Bar.”

A loge behind home plate

Between home plate and first base in the lower level

Favorite Player

Jhonny Peralta. “He’s a good player.”

Grady Sizemore. “He’s not a showboat. When he gets up to bat, he hits.”

“The Indians have to play as a team to do well, so I can’t really pick a favorite.”

Travis Hafner: “He’s the current generation´s Jim Thome.”

Season Outlook

“I always have high hopes. The pitching was good and I hope it remains the same.”

“I don’t see any miracles. Maybe in a couple years they’ll make the playoffs again.”

“I hope they go all the way. I would love to enjoy another Indians team in the World Series.”

“Last year they came close to 100 wins. This year I think they’ll break 100.”

Post-game Ritual

Dinner with friends

The Thirsty Parrot, the Clevelander, Winking Lizard “and then to Lakewood because it’s closer to home.”

“Warm up!”

Heads home
Tribe Gear

"I have three closets: one for spring, one for winter and one for my Indians wardrobe.”

Indians T-shirt and his red fitted cap with the Japanese character for Indians on it

“I do wear the team’s colors. Dressing warmly is the main priority.”

Indians windbreaker and hat

Lucky Charm

“The same Indians cap I’ve worn for the past 40 years.”

His hat. “It looks cool and it’s the only thing I’ve worn consistently.”

“I like to bring my kids to the game. They are always lucky to me.”

“No lucky charm, I’m not terribly superstitious.”

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