Revolution Calling

The Red Room Revolution, a nonprofit organization based in Cleveland, takes more than a proactive approach to economic development. It’s beyond aggressive. It’s, well, revolutionary.

It’s revolutionary to claim, no — demand, that Cleveland be a world-class competitor in the global tech economy. It’s revolutionary to shout to the world that Cleveland is one of the three or four best places to grow a tech business — not in the region, not in the country, but in the world.

But it’s more than shouting. The Red Room Revolution works to leverage the world-renowned OneCommunity high-speed network infrastructure to provide a high-tech virtual sandbox to “play” in that can’t be found anywhere else.

If an innovative developer in Israel or Mumbai or Beijing or downtown Cleveland needs to test certain functionality, there is only one area with that capability — Cleveland.

As the Red Room Revolutionaries spread their message, the image of the region is enhanced globally. But it doesn’t ignore the local innovators. By providing an engaging network of talent and resources, the Revolution helps turn a local company into a global force. The collaboration opportunities that the Red Room provides between innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, investors and civic organizations reverses the brain drain and leverages the resources of each to create a shared global success story. Check it out at
— Dan Hanson

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