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Two events showcasing handmade local products promise to bail you out of your gift-buying rut.

A gift card says, "I have no idea what to buy you." A sweater screams, "Please, return me!" But a piece of handmade jewelry or a cool art print is a different story. It makes an impression. It doesn't need a receipt taped to the inside of the box, and it certainly won't be re-gifted. Lucky for you, there's a wealth of locally made wares going on sale this month. The perennial Bazaar Bizarre, a two-day affair organized by Shannon Okey, arrives Dec. 11, while Danielle DeBoe's monthlong Made in the 216 runs through Christmas Eve at Room Service boutique's new digs on West 25th Street.

Made in the 216 or Bazaar Bizarre

Nov. 26-Dec. 24


Dec. 11 noon-9 p.m. and Dec. 12 noon-6 p.m.

Room Service, 2078 W. 25th St.


78th Street Studios, 1300 W. 78th St.

Room Service owner and Made in the 216 creator Danielle DeBoe curates a monthlong showcase of products made by Clevelanders. "It takes shopping local to a whole new level," she says.

Why Go

The two-day event focuses on handmade products and lets you meet the artists and craftspeople. "We're the best and longest-running indie craft show in the area," says show coordinator Shannon Okey.

More than 30

Number of vendors

More than 80

Kellie Micka's elegant paper products, Lee St. Marie's handmade hats and the Rzepka family's Beecology line of shampoos and soaps made from honey and beeswax. "They started out in a basement and have grown so much that they now utilize a warehouse space for their products and actually became beekeepers," DeBoe says.

Gift Ideas ...

The Bubble Process' screen-printed concert posters, Gina DeSantis' beautiful and functional ceramics, and Scott Schulman's limited-edition Psycho Reindeer T-shirts. "His designs are bold and amusing," Okey says. "My favorite shirt has a roast ham on it which proclaims 'HAM' in an elegant font below. How can you not love that?"


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