We're not as drunk as everyone makes us out to be. Despite our city's reputation for carbohydrate-enhanced waistlines and intoxicated Dawg Pound brawlers, Cleveland earns a solid "B" when it comes to how sloshed this city gets as a whole. And if you're reading this after enjoying a few drinks, let us assure you that's a positive grade. Men's Health magazine, which periodically gives our nation a Breathalyzer test, determined its rankings by examining the FBI's Uniform Crime Report to determine the number of drunk-driving arrests for the nation's 101 largest cities. After that, the magazine went to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for data on alcohol-related traffic deaths and checked numbers on the mortality rates for six types of alcohol-related liver disease. So, who's wasted? Though Seattle ("D") and Washington, D.C. ("D-"), took a beating, Denver is hitting the juice the hardest, finishing in last place with a dismal "F." Maybe it's the altitude. For the full rankings, check out

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