Taylor Made

She hosted Saturday Night Live and handled Kanye West’s MTV Video Music Awards antics with grace. Now, Taylor Swift may be authoring your next birthday card. Cleveland’s American Greetings has a deal with the country/pop music superstar to pen a product line for a spring 2010 release. Here are a few other obvious partnerships we think the company should pursue.

Steven Tyler
Occupation | Rock star
Card Category | Retirement
Why | The Aerosmith singer knows how to quit in style. He left the band after taking a tour-ending tumble.
Product Sample | (Front) You’ve been living it up for years, but just remember one thing … (Inside) As you get ready to exit this stage of your life, just make sure you don’t fall off.

Eric Mangini
Occupation | Browns head coach
Card Category | Encouragement
Why | A man who can say he was “encouraged” by his team’s loss to the Detroit Lions certainly has a good attitude.
Product Sample | (Front) It’s not whether you win or lose … (Inside) It’s whether you can say you looked a little less like a loser when you lost this time.

Kanye West
Occupation | Hip-hop artist/chronic awards show interrupter
Card Category | Congratulations
Why | Because nothing says, “this is your moment” like someone awkwardly stealing your spotlight.
Product Sample | (Front) Applause, Admiration, Approval … (Inside) I know you must feel all of the above right now. And, don’t get me wrong, you’re great and all. But if I could, I’d tell the world you don’t deserve this.
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