The 1980s

Kick-Ass Marketing
There it was in the very first issue, in full-page splendor: a WMMS advertisement with hard-to-miss inch-high lightening-bolt letters screaming the rock station’s slogan, “Kick-Ass Rock ’n’ Roll.” At least, there it was in the first few thousand papers to roll off the Press’ presses. ... “I guess he [Cleveland Press editor Herb Kamm] thought it was the most obscene and vulgar thing he’s ever seen,” says [WMMS promotion director] Chris Hamm. ... [Cleveland Press advertising director Robert] Hatton says he and others argued against censoring the ad but got nowhere. “I’m kind of a kick-ass guy myself. I voted to leave it in, but the powers that be overruled me.” ... After issuing the proverbial command to stop the presses, Kamm substituted hyphens for the final two letters in the offending word.
— An April 1982 story recalling how The Cleveland Press’ GO weekly aimed at young adults didn’t live up to its “anything goes in GO” motto

The Solution to All Our Problems ...
1. An inexpensive indoor downtown tennis facility
2. A summer commuter air service from Burke Lakefront Airport to the lake islands
3. A giant Neiman Marcus store in Cleveland
4. A law barring waiters and waitresses from introducing themselves before taking an order.
— The top four wishes for the city in 1985, according to the Cleveland Magazine staff
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