The 1990s

Bob Marley, He’s Not
To the left is a local celeb [Dennis Kucinich] for whom the Rasta look may or may not be right.
— a February 1991 story in which a local stylist says he can give dreadlocks to anyone for $500.

Burning issue
Hope it’s nothing we wrote. Somebody tried to burn down the sign announcing Bay Village as the No. 1 suburb in Cuyahoga County per Cleveland Magazine’s Rating the Suburbs issue in June.
— September 1996

But what about  Sammy Alomar?
What’s in a name? Not much to Time magazine. In a recent cover story about the resurgence of baseball, Cleveland Indians skipper Mike Hargrove — who has managed the team to three straight division titles and a World Series appearance in two of the last three years —was identified as Jim Hargrove.
— September 1998

Made in America
Flamboyant boxing promoter Don King, the new publisher of the Call and Post, called a meeting to bolster morale at his newly acquired publication. ... “I don’t want you beating up [Cleveland] Mayor Mike White unless he deserves it. ... I don’t want to kick around [Forest City Enterprises co-chairman of the board and treasurer] Sam Miller unless he has it coming,” King told employees. The meeting seems to have allayed fears about the new boss. “We think he’s really serious about running this as a newspaper. It was totally unexpected,” says one staff member.
— November 1998
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