Tweet Smarts: @TowerLightsCLE

@TowerLightsCLE illuminates the Terminal Tower's nightly show. 
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(as of May 30)
This Twitter account run by Terminal Tower maintenance operations director Don Beck has taken the guessing game out of the landmark building's colorful lighting arrangement on any given morning or night. "@holliesmiles: good morning! I'm giving you a rainbow to go with your showers."
— @TowerLightsCLE's tweet in response to Hollie Strano's Channel 3 morning weather report on May 23.
An Ohio City resident who has a great view of the Terminal Tower routinely tweeted his thoughts about each evening's color scheme. "Often he was right," Beck says. "Just as often as he was not." So Beck created the @TowerLightsCLE Twitter feed to set the record straight. Photos accompany each explanation, and there's frequent interaction with the account's followers. You can even make suggestions for color combinations.
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