We Tried It

Dortmunder Gold is the franchise. It’s Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s equivalent of Coca-Cola. It’s the measuring stick by which all other beers born in Ohio City are judged. Even Christmas Ale pales in comparison to the four-season sturdiness of the Dort. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Great Lakes built a better version of its flagship brand that’s being sold as a four-pack. We spotted Imperial Dortmunder in early July and immediately took some home. If you’re wondering why you should drop $10 on four new Dorts when you can pick up six classic ones for the same price, we suggest you pop one open. The Imperial Dortmunder is a bigger and bolder version of the one you already love, and stronger, with an alcohol content of 7.5 percent. In short, this is sipping beer. It’ll be around until September, or until the supply runs out. You can thank us later.
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