Web Siting

Yeah, your Bucks got a little beat up this year. Maybe now is a better time than ever to focus on the scarlet-and-gray's heroes from the past. Our advice is to check out www.buckeyelegends.com, a new Web site created by Ohio State University football vets Jim Karsatos, Jim Lachey and Chris Spielman that offers stats, bios, contests and, most importantly, the chance for rabid fans to meet OSU legends at game-day gatherings. And while it may be a long cold winter for OSU football fans, at least the site offers "Buckeye Legends" stocking caps for $14.95 that will help you ride it out.

Survey Says

Cleveland: beacon of happiness for the young and broke. Let's not print it on the top of the City Hall stationery just yet, but Forbes magazine's recent list of "60 Cheap Places to Live" named our city one of its 10 "Bohemian Bargains," meaning young and single people (read: entry-level employees) won't break the bank trying to keep a roof over their heads. Joined on the list by the likes of Pittsburgh; Raleigh, N.C.; Denver; and Portland, Ore., the report cements Cleveland's reputation as one where your dollar goes farther. The list is culled from Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard's book "Life 2.0," which illustrates how people are improving their lives by moving to places where they can better stretch their finances.

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