April 2008 Letters

Pedal pusher
Andy Netzel, if you can enjoy going car-free in January (“A Car-Free Life: The Test Drive,” March 2008), you are going to love being car-free in May. As part of National Bike Month, there will be lots of ways for you and everyone else to celebrate bicycles. There’s a benefit for Walk + Roll Cleveland in the car-free East 4th Street District on May 5, plus numerous groups are organizing the first-ever Cleveland Bicycle Week for May 10 though 18. Events include Bike to Work, Discover Mountain Biking in the City, The Every Saturday Social Ride, Bike to the Movies, Chippewa Valley Road Race, Discover the Towpath and much more. Visit www.clevelandbicycleweek.org or www.walkroll.com for more information. You’ve inspired me to try going car-free. I’ll look for you on the bus and wave cheerfully as I pedal by.
Lois Moss
Founder, Walk + Roll Cleveland

Sears sighting
Being interested in older homes and the beauty of their construction, I was captivated by your article on the Sears homes (“Sent by Sears,” January 2008). I am certain you will find the Magnolia, among others, on Columbus Avenue in Sandusky, Ohio. The Magnolia is absolutely stunning, surrounded by other homes built in that period. I have also noticed throughout the picturesque city there are other homes in different areas similar to those pictured in your article. An architecture buff or student could have a field day in this city by the bay.
Mel Conyer

Anonymous Voice Mail of the Month
I’m reading Home Décor magazine, and I just wish one time this magazine would have something average people could use. Unless I win the lottery, I’m not going to be able to afford a $40,000 staircase. I’m not buying $3,000 chairs. There are plenty of craftsmen in the area and products available that would fit the majority of people who would like to do things in their home or update their homes. These décor magazines, while they’re pretty, they’re like a big waste of paper — almost as big a waste of paper as the Rating the Suburbs issue.
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