April Letters

Cleveland 2, Florida 0
I am writing in reference to the article by Rebecca Meiser (“Heart Transplant,” March 2009). I totally agree with everything she said about moving here. I am originally from England and moved to Cleveland in 1987 after meeting and marrying my husband, who was born here. In 1998, we moved to Florida to look after my in-laws. We made the best of living in Florida, but our hearts were always back home in Cleveland. My in-laws passed away, and in February 2008, we came back here for a party given by a former neighbor. We realized how much we really did miss Cleveland. As soon as we returned to Florida, we put our house on the market, sold it and moved back. Florida is OK for a vacation, but is very superficial. Even though I am originally from the U.K., Cleveland is my home, and I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are to be back.
Joanne Brown
Glad he found something
After wading through the annual morass of desperately seeking singles and yet another Feagler on Feagler, it was refreshing to read something substantive and engaging like Michael Roberts’ “Tet Project” and James Krouse’s “Behind the Mask” (February 2009). There are so many enigmatic people worthy of stories. I can’t wait to read about more of them.
Adam Smith
Cleveland Heights

Judging us by our cover
What could it possibly be that Christine Martuch is going to puke over regarding January and February’s covers? (Letters, March 2009) Perhaps she does not realize Monica Potter is the most successful actor from the Cleveland area since Bob Hope — and infinitely more attractive. Oh, and something certainly must be amiss if we’re enjoying the talents of Melissa Mack, who surely has the ability to be pursuing her career on the national stage. Perhaps Christine used to cheer for Albert Belle and her favorite football team hails from Baltimore?
Edward J. Swislocki
Olmsted Falls

Correction: Dr. William S. Lynch and Dr. David E. Samanich are in fact accepting new patients. Our March 2009 Best Doctors list indicated they were not.
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