Cause and Effect

City List Chatter

I really enjoyed the latest issue of Cleveland Magazine because of "The City List" (April 2010). The local establishments cluste#ce1a30 by neighborhood was visually stimulating, colorful and fun. I would consider this guide an asset to HR and relocation departments in putting something truly interesting and usable in the hands of new residents who are not just considering the advantages of living in close proximity to great restaurants and shops but who are truly seeking a connection to their neighborhood.

Diana Shulsky  Cleveland

After publishing a section such as "The City List," I'm certain you receive plenty of "Why didn't you include?" letters. I usually refrain from doing so, but how was Brigade clothing in Coventry left out? I discovered the shop last year and found well-made men's and women's clothing. I'm not even a Cleveland resident. How do I know about Brigade and you don't?

Chas Nyswaner  Washington, Pa.

Praise for Roberts

Michael D. Roberts' piece "At the Tipping Point" (March 2010) was one of the most astute and intuitive pieces written in Cleveland journalism in years. We should be disgusted by what our elected officials do. But is the blame to be placed anywhere but on ourselves? Too bad most of the people who read it will either not get it or be totally confident you are not talking about them.

William Henry  New Berlin, Ill.

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