City Limits

City Limits

I was excited to read about the best suburbs ("Rating the Suburbs," June 2012), but Brooklyn Heights, Valley View and Cuyahoga Heights are not in the list at all. These three villages are a wonderful place to live and together they feed into the Cuyahoga Heights school district, which is wonderful. I'd really love to see how our communities and schools rate among other suburbs.

Lisa Sheppard

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Apparently you are going to continue to ignore the fastest growing community with the most housing starts in northeast Summit County: Reminderville. Check our school systems and recent demographics (last 5-8 years or so). View our lake, quality of government and talk with residents. This area is popular for families, empty nesters, retirees, newlyweds and young families. Your readers deserve to know about us.

Lee F. Barthelman


Editor's Note: To be included in our Rating the Suburbs issue, communities need to have a population of 3,000 residents or more. Brooklyn Heights, Valley View, Cuyahoga Heights and Reminderville do not.

Air Waves

Perhaps it's because I'm older than the key 18 to 34 demographic, and what it thinks is funny is different than what I think is funny. Perhaps it's because I believe that Chuck Booms abuses his microphone privileges. Whatever the reason(s), I have really stopped listening to Kiley & Booms ("Almost Famous," June 2012). After a time, I found myself put off by Booms' crude bathroom, college freshman humor. I would prefer that Booms stick to sports, period. And the reference to Booms' interruptions is so true. I like Kevin Kiley. I want to hear what he has to say. It's Booms' crudeness, his interruptions, his insults to callers that have turned me off. The bottom line: I have stopped listening to Kiley & Booms and have returned to Mike & Mike and the competition.


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Just a great article on Booms! So glad he's on in his hometown. We really needed 92.3 The Fan on our airwaves, as the other option is as stale as it could possibly be. Thanks Boomer for keeping our mornings moving right along! Sports and humor — BINGO!

Joe Mers

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Screen Savers

Kudos to Rebecca Meiser for her article on Morris Everett Jr. and his perfectly named store, The Last Moving Picture Co. ("The Collector," June 2012). I met Morris a few years ago while planning a vintage-themed auction. His passion for movies is contagious, and the Kirtland poster shop is a treasure. I ended up buying some reprints from 1950s sci-fi flicks for our basement family room. Every day I smile when I pass the poster for Teenagers from Outer Space.

Vincent O'Keefe

avon lake

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