Critical Thinking

I love The Alan Cox Show ("Heavy Mental," June 2011). I used to be a huge Opie & Anthony fan when they were on here, but I think I actually like Alan Cox better. I can't stomach one minute of Rover's Morning Glory and the juvenile crap on that show. ... The only knock on Alan's show is the annoying visits by local TV personalities way too often. Please stop with this Mark Nolan obsession. It's not funny or entertaining. Other than that, the best show on radio. Thanks for this article it was quite enjoyable.


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On a Roll

This is a fabulous group of girls ("Roll Models," July 2011). It gives new meaning to girl power! They and their parents have a lot to be proud of.

Linda Herron

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Access Denied

The lack of public access at this so-called "park" gives me pause ("The Burning Question," July 2011). This facility is, literally, a gated community for rowers. At some point, the grant writers need to look into what they paid for. They should take a lesson from Whiskey Island Marina and Dan Moore. Wendy Park, which is county-owned but privately managed, has been a huge success at a fraction of the cost. You can launch a canoe, kayak, windsurf, or whatever you want from the beach.


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