Fresh Feedback

I love the magazine’s redesign. The old look was way too dated and made the magazine, and Cleveland, look stuck in the ’90s. This new look is fresh, fun and much more now. Great job.

Erik Piepenburg New York                

I read the May issue tonight and loved the changes you are making. Your “Comment from the Editor” was spot on. I was recruited by Canterbury Golf Club to become the Head Golf Professional in 2009. I relished the return to the Midwest. Cleveland and its surrounding suburbs are as good as it gets. Keep doing what you are doing, I like your vision, and the magazine is cool!            

Michael Kernicki Beachwood


Echoes of War

In “13 Deadly Seconds” (May 2010) a history professor in Hanoi told Michael D. Roberts that his government had used the Kent State killings as propaganda. It reminded me of my belief during the Vietnam War that actress Jane Fonda’s visit to North Vietnam simply played into the hands of the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong. I have come to the realization that the actress simply wanted the death and destruction on both sides to stop. What’s wrong with that?              

Louis H. Pumphrey Shaker Heights

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