Interesting Points

It was very disappointing to not see more spots reserved for people impacting the economic vitality of the city in "Our Most Interesting People 2011," (January 2011). As an entrepreneur in Cleveland, it is a constant struggle to find any vision for the city and region. You note a blogger with an admirable cause, who has no immediate impact on the city and explicit plans to leave. An extreme eater? This is interesting in the same way witnessing a car accident is interesting. Focus more on the evolution of the city.

Jim Kaiser
Shaker Heights

I read Tricia Springstubb's profile in your Most Interesting People issue and immediately connected with the subject of her book What Happened on Fox Street. The first time I ever saw a fox in the wild was during my early morning runs in Lakewood. Yesterday a fox crossed my path in Clifton Park. This morning a fox was my pacing buddy for five blocks down Lake Avenue. Fox Steet? Fox Town is more like it.

Missy Toms

Map Quest

I've created a Google map of all the diners featured in the November 2010 issue ("Dinermite"). My wife and I plan on eating at each restaurant over the next couple of months. We've already hit a few.

Rich Gombert
Sagamore Hills

Editor's Note: Check out Gombert's map, and get started on your own diner mission.

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