June Letters

Tasty comments
We expected to see Zack Bruell, Doug Katz and Michael Symon. We assumed newbies Dante Boccuzzi and Steve Schimoler might make an appearance, but the happiest surprise was the appearance of Annie Chiu(“Tastemakers,” May 2008).

Annie has been making flawless food at Sun Luck Garden for at least 20 years. Her creative dishes are always perfectly prepared. Despite her talent and the adoration of like-minded patrons, she has mysteriously avoided celebrity status and the attention of the press. Perhaps they have ordered from the menu (very good, but a beginner’s mistake. Choose the specials for a real treat). Perhaps they couldn’t get a seat (come early or make a reservation). Perhaps they couldn’t find the place (don’t blink as you cruise lower South Taylor Road). Regardless, it is nice to see that this talented and personable chef is finally being recognized as one of Cleveland’s finest. She has earned that moniker in spades. Now, next year, don’t forget to include Matthew Mathlage.
Jeffrey R. Dross
Michele J. Ladouceur

Cleveland Heights

I have read your “Tastemakers” with interest. Those recognized deserve it. However, Paul Minello was noticeably absent. Not a very thorough job by your team.
Bob Grimm
Highland Heights
Pre-emptive praise for Rating the Suburbs
I enjoyed last year’s suburbs issue and showed it to some of my five children. I just read about your powwow with the Northeast Ohio First Suburbs Consortium. Will you please send a reporter over to Bainbridge. Our mailing address is Chagrin Falls, but we’re a separate township, and one of the wealthiest towns in Geauga County. Our school district, Kenston, has a new $35 million high school. Although I don’t care about standardized tests much, Kenston ranks sixth in the state.

There are many gourgeous neigbhorhoods in Bainbridge, including Canyon Lakes, Weathervane and the new 22-lot Amber Trail. We’re a great town with a lot of caring parents, bright and athletic students and community service-minded people. We definitely compare favorably to Solon and Moreland Hills. Our family chose Bainbridge over Solon and Mayfield Heights. I hope you check us out and compare us to the other Cleveland suburbs. I think you’ll be pleased.
Jean Lanzilotti
Bainbridge Township

Pre-emptive jeers for Rating the Suburbs
Although I left two voice mail messages regarding my position about Rating the Suburbs, I feel compelled to send this letter as to why I will no longer participate in this exercise in futility:

1. It is a very biased way of judging cities. Data alone does not tell the story.

2. It has contributed greatly to the exodus of Cuyahoga County residents to outlying areas, thus helping to reduce the county’s population.

3. It is surface reporting at its worst and lacks in-depth coverage completely.

4.Cleveland Magazineshould make an effort to evaluate the 17 members of the Northeast Ohio First Suburbs Consortium as a unit, representing a population of 488,000 residents.

We are the cities that serve as the bridge between Cleveland and the rest of Cuyahoga County. We are the suburbs that deal with problems that outlying suburbs have no idea about.

We, the First Suburbs, deserve accolades for what we are doing and what we represent. There is no reason to overlook us anymore and as a unit we deserve to be judged the “best suburbs” around. In fact, in my opinion, your method of rating the suburbs has run its course and should be eliminated. Why don’t you try to report our region positively, make people want to live, work and stay here. In view of this, I have decided to cancel my subscription.
Beryl E. Rothschild
Mayor of University Heights

Editor’s Note: Bainbridge Township once again appears in this year’s Rating the Suburbs issue, as it did last year, along with spotlights on 75 other suburban communities, including University Heights.
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