Leading By Example

President Obama and Congress should look closely at "Man at Work" (April 2011). Republican Cuyahoga County Council member Jack Schron is a role model for others to emulate. He has built a multimillion dollar company, Jergens Inc., on his own with no stimulus funding from Uncle Sam. Over the years, he has created 300 real jobs at no expense to taxpayers. Let's hope he can be even more successful in applying his business principles to government, creating additional employment opportunities for others.

Larry Penner

great neck, n.y.

On Our To-Do List

As a very long-time subscriber and fan of Cleveland Magazine, I used to be able to count on two to three well-researched and thought-out articles in each issue. Now it seems you have gone from a "magazine with journalists" to a "compiler of lists." April's issue sent me over the edge. We have "Best Doctors," "Rating the Suburbs," "Private High Schools," "Best Of Cleveland," and now "The City List" again. Did I forget any? Please, can we return to journalism, instead of compiling lists especially when the list results do not change much from year to year?

Joan Marie Patrici


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