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As a mother of one of the Marines from MAP 7, I would like to personally thank Jacqueline Marino for her article (“Blood Brothers,” June 2006). Sons serving in the military tend to keep their war experiences close to the vest and we, their families, can only imagine what they have been through, especially when we look into their eyes. I knew about the May 7, 2005, attack in Haditha, but I did not fully grasp the intensity of the day-to-day drama that Jacqueline’s article so powerfully depicted.

This was not an easy read for me as a mother of one of the MAP 7. My son and I shared a long embrace when I finished reading it. Tears flowed. I had no idea. Thank you for your accurate portrayal of these brave young men of 3/25. You put faces on our Marines so we could read about them as flesh and blood individuals and not just statistics. If only the other media sources of our nation would do the same.

My oldest daughter kept dozens of family and friends informed of her younger brother’s deployment updates and 3/25 news throughout the tour in Iraq in 2005. When Jacqueline’s article came out, she forwarded it to the same individuals across the country. The response was one of gratitude and awe. Again and again we heard and read comments that “the story needs to be told.” Thank you, Cleveland Magazine for beginning to tell the story, their story, MAP 7.

Mary Anne Mayer

I was just privileged to read this very moving article about our U.S. Marines and the horror they deal with while fighting in Iraq. My husband, Paul Boskovitch, and I lost our beloved nephew Corp.

Jeff Boskovitch Aug. 2, 2005, at Haditha. We have the utmost respect for him and his service to our great country, along with the other fallen Marines and the ones who returned home well. He will always be our hero and remembered for all time. Thank you for informing the public, even with the graphic nature of the article, it needs to be told. I pray daily for an end to this war and the safety for our troops in harm’s way. God bless America, home of the free because of the brave.

Pat Boskovitch
Detroit, Mich.


Reader Plug of the Month

Concerning the article “Notorious Cleveland” (August 2006), the journalist responsible for the phrase “car-dealer crude” in describing Gary Dee not only did an injustice to countless community-minded dealers of integrity and class, but this so-called journalist has never dealt with the Ganley Auto Group.

Lois M. Ganley


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