May Letters

Hotness: For ...
I always thought that being a “bimbo” was about a person’s character and demeanor, not their looks (Letters, March 2009). Is every woman who is attractive to be slandered with the term? Or do I detect a symphony (not note) of jealousy?
Robert A. Luttrell

... and Against
I am writing for the second time pleading with you to find something else, anything, for your cover. Within the past several issues we have had three “hot babes” on the cover, which is getting absolutely absurd.  Get with the program! Unspeakable.
Claire McCullough
University Heights

Editor’s note: We think we’ve had four very attractive cover models this year.  This month’s, though, really makes us salivate. (Web readers: This month's issue featured a tasty-looking plate of scallops from Best New Restaurant winner Luxe.)

Reader Service of the Month
I JUST RECEIVED MY April issue of Cleveland Magazine, and I thoroughly enjoyed “The City List.” Along those lines, I was wondering what the top 10 places in and around Cleveland would be to attend and participate in bike nights. I realize that the ones sponsored by Quaker, Steak & Lube in Valley View and Sheffield Lake are popular, so I would disqualify them from the listing. Thanks!
Clem Marion

None of us Cleveland Magazine editors are good enough motorcyclists to keep the dirty side down, so we asked "Stanky," a longtime biker who is helping coordinate the 26th annual Louie Run, Sunday May 3 (, where the best bike nights are. He gave us four to get you started:
1. DW3, Geneva
2. Jimmy's Bar and Grille, Mentor on the Lake
3. Wit's End, Willoughby
4. Delaney's, Mentor
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